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Paris Museums
Paris contains many museums that house permanent exhibitions. These museums are dedicated to famous artists such as Picasso, or famous movements, such as the huge Impressionist collection in the Musée d'Orsay. Major works from the early periods in the history of art can be viewed at the Louvre. There are hundreds of museums in Paris, exhibiting all kinds of art; the museums included here are the most visited. They contain the work of the greatest artists, including Picasso, Monet, Rodin and Matisse, along with a host of others.

Paris Galleries
In addition to permanent exhibitions on show at the museums, the city's art galleries put on irregular exhibitions of historical and contemporary work. Many a masterpiece can be 'discovered' in these periodical showcases. The Pompidou Centre is probably the most famous art gallery in Paris, instantly recognisable as the 'inside-out' building.

Paris Opera and Theatre
With two major Opera Houses, Parisians and visitors alike can always experience the best of the performing arts. The city's theatres host a wealth of plays, musicals, and orchestral renditions, ranging from classical to contemporary.

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